Maternity sessions

Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to visit my website and participating in my passion for photography.

Sessions are usually shot on location. I commonly use natural light, which can provide the best quality photographs, but my sessions also are equipped with professional lights, which I may use if necessary. If you do not feel comfortable scheduling a photography session in your own home, but you like my photographs and my style, then I encourage you to contact me to discuss details to schedule a session at another possible location.

Much time and dedication is given to each individual session. Actually, I prefer to schedule one shoot a day so ample time can be given to each client, both during the session, and in the process of photo editing. Please note, there is no additional charge for any other family members or close friends who would love to be with you in your photographs. During your session, you can expect a relaxed approach to capturing honest, naturally beautiful images. If you have any specific ideas, do not hestitate to tell me. We can together to create a more unique image that captures your individual beauty.

Another personal favorite are maternity sessions. The bond between a mother and a child can be captured far before the child is born, during her pregnancy. For nine months, women who are expecting become part of something beyond them, and something so wonderful, as they bring new life into the world. Some women are mothers only once in their life time, and those nine months never come again. I take personal satisfaction in maternity sessions because it allows me to create a memo of that wonderfully unique experience, of that bond, and give it to my clients so they can cherish it forever. Maternity sessions are generally scheduled between 7.5 to 8 months, where the “belly” of the pregnant woman is usually clearly visible. Pregnancy photographs do not require anything extra to be present in the photograph to tell the story. Unnecessary objects in the frame may simply distract from the story that is already naturally being told. My goal is to capture the beauty of simplicity an
d love behind the special experience of maternity.

Expect your session images to be available to you via online proof gallery within 3 days. Please observe that I have open proofs on a page available to all my clients for viewing. This is a great way to share session ideas with all other clients.


2 thoughts on “Maternity sessions

  1. Hello:

    I am interested in learning more about your Maternity session. Do you work out of a studio? My house is under renovations, so it is not the ideal place to hold a session.

    Thanks so much.


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