yelp review Dalia Drulia photography

This is the first time I’ve ever written a review online and it is because I need everyone to know how fantastic Dalia is! I recently took my 6 day old son to get newborn photos taken with Dalia and it was an incredible experience. I had seen maternity and newborn photos taken by Dalia for a friend of mine and knew I wanted to use her myself. Unfortunately I never got around to getting maternity photos taken which I’m still bummed about but I made sure I was able to take my newborn.
After scheduling the session we received an email with tips to make sure the baby and parents are well prepared. We went to her home studio and were made to feel very comfortable. Dalia was so wonderful and patient. She really has a way with babies! I was nervous, being a new parent, that my baby wouldn’t cooperate but it was like magic. Seeing the baby looking so beautiful while she took the pictures I was confident they would come out amazing.
Later that evening we were able to review the proofs and pick the amount of images we wanted to purchase. After emailing her our choices we received our disc in the mail and couldn’t be happier. The hardest part of the whole process really is narrowing down which photos we wanted. They were all so beautiful! I will be returning to get more picture taken as my son grows. Melanie S.
Brooklyn, NY


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