yelp review Dalia Drulia photography

Dalia is the Ann Geddes of NYC.

She is an amazing talent who has given me unbelievably stunning photographs of my son that I will cherish forever. Whenever I show anyone her photographs they gasp at their beauty and they way she captured my husband and family with the baby. In fact, my profile photo is by Dalia – enjoy!

My husband and I purchased the year-long package, which enabled us to capture our son at three month intervals throughout his first year of life. We are so glad that we did this. He is our first child and it is amazing how quickly he changed with each photo session. Dalia is able to adapt her style for every baby stage and to capture those fleeting perfect moments so effortlessly.

We held the first two photo sessions at my parents’ house in Queens, then in Dalia’s studio. Each time it was a different, fun experience. The first, as a new mother. The next, a mobile baby who could sit up. Then, in the studio, a baby who could crawl as quickly as a cockroach and loved when Daddy hung him upside down for the camera. We cannot wait for our final visit, to capture him now that he can walk.

If you are the mother of a new baby, or are pregnant, the best gift you can give to yourself is a photography session with Dalia Drulia. You will always cherish the precious moments she will capture for you. Heidi U.
New York, NY


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