Newborn session

Another  baby session on location  in  new york.Great   young  family.Baby was  2  weeks old.

Newborn sessions are my favorite. To capture the most “new born” innocense and the most beautiful infant photos it is important to book a session while the baby is between 6 and 14 days old. In the first month, the baby changes quickly, and if you wait longer than 14 days, you may lose the opportunity to take quality photographic memories of your child at that wonderful “new born” stage.  In the first two weeks, the newborn spends much time sleeping. Sleeping babies are the most photogenic. If you consult my website, you will find wonderful pictures of newborns when they are sleeping. When they are asleep, they can be positioned in different ways to produce a variety of pictures. Sometimes, a newborn that is dreaming can make irresistable smiling faces or cute sad faces. Remember, a greater variety means you have more choices of amazing photographs and more memories for a life time.




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