* Queens Maternity session

I had  another maternity  session in my  home studio.Love  when people able to   come  here, because i do  have  big  windows and her  ia  vcan  take images  with available  light.

Session  was  fun and  relaxed, we  took  alot of  images. Steven and Julisa  will use  few  images on baby  shower  this  coming  weekend. I love that  Julisa  had idea  to do  high heel images , love this.

here is  what  tahey  have to say after the  session

“Dalia, it was truly a pleasure working with you on Saturday Morning! I was so nervous in the beginning and you made me feel relaxed.  It was fun as well as funny! thank you for being so thoughtful and working with Steven and I to make all our pictures come out wonderful.

Thank you so much, please contact me with any questions….
I will call you once the baby is here!


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