New baby Boy

New baby BOY was born!


Thats  my  friends son Nikolas. He was born on friday november 7th (weight3.200 kg).  He was born 3 weeks earlier. Premature infants, known as preemies, come into the world earlier than full-term infants.

Baby is strong and very healthy. I went to see my friends newborn  son, this weekend.

  We had 2 sessions, with  grandparents and the mother. Baby was fine, he cryied little bit when i try to  take few photographs  for a christmas card, but the next day  when  grandmother and grandfather  hold the baby in the front of my camera he was one happy boy. I took  few hundred photographs of him.

I will create a slide show with  some of the photographs for my  friend to have those memories. Also i will make few copies for all family members.Its a great  gift for  holidays.bacby95bacby94



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