Tips For Your Maternity Photography


During the 9 months you are pregnant an amazing transformation takes place. Are you taking pictures to capture this special time in your life? You will love remembering how you felt when you were taking them and your child will love looking at them knowing that he or she was in your belly. Whether you get a photographer or stage your own photo shoot, take the time to document the remarkable, loving bond between you and your baby which begins long before the baby is born. Maternity photography is a unique and fun experience to celebrate your pregnancy and new family.

Here are some tips to share with your photographer or use on your own:

Shoot in your home so you’re comfortable to let go. It’s also wonderful to truly show what your life is like at the time your baby came to be.

Consider taking some outdoor shots. Adding the natural beauty of the outdoors to the beauty of new life is simply breathtaking.

Go simplistic. Allow the miracle to speak for itself.

Highlight the relationship with the family. Take pictures with the rest of the family that are anxiously awaiting the arrival and new addition.

Take some un-posed. Capture the middle of an activity so the photo says something about your personality or interests.

Include a telling item. Something that you loved during your pregnancy like ice cream or candy can add interest and tell a compelling story.

Remember you are beautiful. Women don’t generally feel very sexy when they’re pregnant. But just because you don’t feel sexy doesn’t mean you’re not a total knock out. Keep in mind men think pregnancy is HOT!

Here are some tips on what to wear:

Dress Simple. Wear solids instead of busy prints to draw attention to you, not your clothes.

Bare Your Belly. Bring a shirt that can either be unbuttoned or pulled up to reveal your beautiful belly.

Be imaginative. Use a blanket or simple white sheet to drape across your chest leaving your belly exposed.

Coordinate. If you will be taking pictures with your husband and/or other children, coordinate so everyone is wearing the same colors.

Capture this special moment and a special you. If you don’t, you’ll wish you did


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