Flash light for babies

June 16, 2002
By: Stephen J. Krebs, M.D.
Carlisle Pediatric Associates Enjoy your baby and take your pictures. They will be cherished by your family as your baby grows up and by her as she sees what she looked like as a baby.
There should be virtually no harm in the camera flashes. There is felt to be no harm in examining baby’s eyes with the bright eye scopes used by baby doctors and eye doctors. There is potential harm (in theory only) to the eyes when babies are placed in intense light therapy (phototherapy) for jaundice if their eyes are uncovered for prolonged periods of this light exposure. This is based on damage to the retina, the back of the eye, noted in newborn piglets studied with using phototherapy. This, of course, is much stronger and longer light exposure than many, many camera flashes and still is only a risk in theory, not proven in human babies.
Looking into bright lights for extended periods can also damage the retina. Therefore, don’t look directly at a solar eclipse when observing one. But, this again is prolonged and intensive light exposure. The camera flashes even of a self-proclaimed camera addict are safe for your baby


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